Hi there! I’m a writer & comedian based in LA, who loves writing about wizardry, “nerd” culture, & politics.

I do a lot of other things too—improv, sketch, marketing consultation—but you’re probably here about the writing!

So! Why not check out some writing samples? You could take a look at my resume, too. If you need to drop me a line, please email frankie-at-frankiegbaby.com!

But that’s not all—I’ve got games! That I made!
I just finished my first game, Customer Service Simulator, a harrowing look at both sides of the customer service world.
My second is Moonlight Cove, a quest to build the perfect man-cove & seduce a mermaid (or merman, or merfolk, or fishmonster). It’s still in development, but to be fair, I only just started it on August 2nd.

If you wanna come see me live, reserve your seat to the next WIZARDING WORLD LIVE! Season Two kicks off on August 24th, at 8PM, only at the Pack Theater in glamorous Hollywood!